Penalty of 1.14 million euros for SkyBet

Penalty of 1.14 million euros for SkyBet

Again, the British Gaming Commission has imposed a large fine on a large party. SkyBet must pay a fine of 1.14 million euros, because players who had themselves excluded could still continue to gamble through SkyBet.

Responsible gaming, or gambling players in a responsible way, was a mess at SkyBet:

736 players who had themselves shut down due to gambling problems could still create accounts and continue playing.
Over 50,000 players who had themselves blocked were bombarded with emails and text messages from Sky Bet.
Some 37 thousand players who had themselves blocked did not receive their account balance.
SkyBet will be fined a total of £ 1,008,600. This money goes entirely to charities. These charities are aimed at preventing and treating gambling addiction. This fine is not a record. The record is in the name of 888 which received a fine of £ 7.8 million.

Players appear to be insufficiently protected against themselves at SkyBet. This is for Casino Comparable reason to place Skybet on the casino blacklist. Any casino that does not behave properly with respect to players, no matter how big or small the casino is, gets a place on this list.

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Penalty package of 1 million pounds
Sky Bet must pay a little more than £ 1 million fine. This package of fines is structured as follows:

£ 241,894 must be paid to charities. This amount consists of £ 24,588 account balance that is on blocked accounts and can not be refunded. Furthermore, this amount consists of £ 217,306 bet that was lost by players who had themselves blocked, but could continue playing.
£ 750,000 fine, also for charity. This consists of fines of £ 450,000, £ 250,000 and £ 50,000 for violations of various license terms.
The Sky Bet license is not in danger. The UK Gambling Commission believes that Sky Bet has given ample cooperation to the investigation and is confident that procedures have been tightened up. With the latter, a repetition of such incidents must be prevented.

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Blocked players could play anyway
Between November 2014 and November 2017, no less than 736 players who had themselves blocked could play anyway. Blocking yourself, self-exclusion, is one of the most important weapons in the fight against gambling addiction. Players can have themselves blocked if they sense that their gaming behavior is problematic. The online casino must then do everything to prevent these players from gambling.

This also means that these players must be prevented from opening a new account and continuing to gamble with that. Sky Bet failed in this. Blocked players could easily open a new account. In many cases they could even fill in their real data. While Sky Bet knew (or should have known) that this concerns players who had previously blocked themselves in connection with problematic gaming behavior.

Sky Bet has promised that the monitoring of new accounts has meanwhile improved considerably. In this way it must be prevented that blocked players can too easily open a new account.

It is not wise to open multiple accounts at the same casino as a player. Win you? Then the casino checks your identity and there is no question of multiple accounts. You then fall through the basket and can whistle to your prize money.

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Problem players received bonus offers
Of course, players are there when they create an account. Sky Bet does not force any blocked player to gamble again. Although. Sky Bet still sent advertising to players who had indicated that they did not want to gamble, because gambling is no longer a game for them.

In February 2017, 2,579 of these players received an e-mail containing a bonus offer and the incentive to play at Sky Bet again. According to Sky Bet, this advertisement was not deliberately sent to the blocked players, but this was due to the well-known mistake of the system.

The month after it was again hit. 1,403 blocked players received a text message on their mobile phone with the incentive to start gambling again via Sky Bet. This time no system error, but the mistake of an overzealous Sky employee.

Later that year, 46,000 excluded players received a so-called push message. These are notifications on your desktop or mobile phone if a particular website has posted a new message or has a new action.

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch, founder of Sky.

Players must receive an account balance that they have at the casino if they have themselves blocked. That did not always work well with Sky Bet.

At 36,748 accounts were still amounts of in total £ 51,817. Of this, Sky Bet has now repaid £ 24,588. The remaining amount was not paid out, partly because the bank details of the blocked players were no longer current or unknown. It is not about large amounts. None of these players had more than £ 4 (less than 5 euros) on the skyBoete a pittance for SkyShareholders respond little concerned to the fine for Sky.

The Sky share fell by 2 percent, but then climbed up to even above the level before this fine. The company was founded by media-magnate Rupert Murdoch. In 2017 Sky had a turnover of about 13 billion pounds. That is converted slightly more than 14.8 billion euros. Of that 780 million remained as profit. Sky is best known for the television channels. In 1991, Sky won the broadcasting rights of the British Premier League and since then Sky has become an indispensable part of the British media landscape. Sky is perhaps the most famous in the Netherlands for the cycling team. The company puts around 35 million euros a year in this cycling team, making it the team with the highest budget of all cycling teams. Up to now, Sky has won the Tour five times with Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.Froome pissed positive in the 2017 Tour of Spain.